Enabling Access
to Clean Energy

Stellera is an end-to-end developer of community solar projects in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions. We work alongside communities to create vibrant energy hubs, contributing to economic and environmental revitalization. 


We Are

At Stellera, we understand that the incorporation of clean energy is essential to the security, resilience and long-term prosperity of our communities, and access to clean energy should be a right – not a privilege. We’re building a brighter future by developing clean energy projects and making sustainable power accessible for everyone. 

Our diversified team combines development expertise with a proven track record in the development of sustainable energy projects. We actively pursue meaningful benefits for our projects to make clean energy more efficient, affordable, and accessible.



Stellera has a particular focus on developing community solar projects in and around communities disproportionately affected by the energy transition.  

We only take on projects that align with our values in places where we can build strong working relationships and deliver quality clean energy projects that empower local growth. Our approach leverages data to minimize risk, deliver maximum impact, and unlock lasting value for our partners and the communities in which we operate.

Why Work

with Stellera

Our team has a proven track record and decades of experience developing successful clean energy projects.  

Our goal is to streamline the development process and make renewable energy more accessible to all. From project planning to ongoing maintenance, we take care of every detail. Working side by side with landowners, communities, utilities, and stakeholders, we identify optimal land locations, assess the constructability of sites, secure grid access, explore state incentives, and maximize value for your community solar project. 

Who We

Work With

We provide full-service management and support to landowners hosting community solar gardens. 

We work with utilities, businesses, and industries looking for clean, reliable energy solutions. 

We partner with investors seeking high-impact projects with strong social benefits. 

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